Monday, February 5, 2007

Be grateful for life!

Sometimes we do not really value the fact that we are alive, breathing, seeing, talking, we take it for granted that we would be there tomorrow to do all these and more.
After a near-death experience (almost got crused by a trailer) which i had over the weekend, i suddenly get this feeling that i havnt been appreciative of my life enough.
I thought of all the things i always planned on doing which i had not done, i thot about my family and friends(all those i love and who love me in return) and i just realized how temporary life is and why one should make the best of it while alive.
Something else contributed to all of these my sentimental blurbs- i lost a friend saturday nite(same nite i almost got killed). Young guy, barely in his thirties, full of life, recently married to his long time sweetheart. he was coming back from having a nice time with his wife and lo and behold, who did they run into-ARMED ROBBERS!!! The heartless devils snuffed the life out of my friend and ended the dreams of a promising young guy, just like dat!
So u see now why i said earlier that for every second of every minute of every hour of every day that we are alive we must be thankful for it and live life as if every day was our last, giving love and taking love cos we dont know when and how it would be our turn to say good bye.
Right now, i feel sad and happy at the same time. Sad cos i lost a friend and happy cos i am alive today and i intend to do all that i have left undone starting from now!(i need the grace of God to do this, i know cos am sooo............)
U dont wanna know!

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Sparkle said...

yeah you're right, I live everyday of my life as if its the last...I'm grateful for life, cos I look at myself and I see what i've achieved, everything I've had at a very young age, I think need to hate life because we are going tru something, we should just make it a stepping stone to greatness.
nice post