Thursday, October 2, 2008


Lol! Just kidding before some people begin vex. I heart you all jare, wetin I go do without una?

So what’s good people?
It’s been a really looooooooooooooong minute since I last posted or even had time to read posts. It is not deliberate tho cos if I had my way, I would probably be on blogger every minute of the day but CĂ©st nes pas possible!(NDQ, I try abi?lol!).
I get so busy(and tired) at times that writing even the shortest post is almost impossible. These days, I’m beginning to ask myself if am actually cut out for a Nine-five job. Now,don’t get me wrong, I really do love my job but I know the conditions could still be better. Anyway, God dey. I know he has so many great plans to perfect in my life and soon they will start to manifest. Amen!

Thank God for the Sallah and Indepence holidays. I had the much needed rest I desperately craved. My body was almost getting used to the whole waking up by 10am in the morning that it was very difficult dragging it out of bed this morning. If I had my way, the holiday should have lasted up till the weekend. Lazy bones, yea yea,lol!

So I'm going on a well deserved work leave very soon(30+, shout Alleluya!). It’s about time jare, I need it badly. Am thinking of traveling to Ghana. Everyone seems to be traveling there these days. Why is this so sef? Is it cos it’s a cheaper alternative than heading to the Carribeans? Or is it truly a traveler’s delight? Make una tell me o.
Anyway, I have never been there before and as I no get money to go Carribean abi na Bahamas(YES! That is my reason,lol!), I go settle for Ghana at least that will mean One more African country visited. I just hope it is as nice as is touted by people who have been there.
So is anyone interested in a Trip to Ghana in the middle of October? It will be cool to have company. If there are up to ten interested people, we could actually hire a tour bus from one of these transport companies and make it a fun road trip. What say u guys? Anyone up for adventure? Hit me up!

There is something, I struggle to understand up till now and that is the issue of Wife battery. No matter how much I try to rationalize it, I still can’t fathom why a man would take delight in practicing his boxing skills on his poor wife who he promised to love and cherish on God’s altar and in the presence of other people.
I choose to see it as a lack of self esteem and honour in such a man. He who lays his hands on a woman is not worthy to be called a man, period!

Funny enough, you find some single men, well advanced into their forties who when they finally decide to settle down, decide to pick a small 20 years old girl to marry. Why do they do this? Well most times, because they want someone they can bully around. Someone who will address them as Sir! Someone who will kneel down to greet them when they return from work. Someone who cannot speak out her mind for fear of being dashed one slap. That is the kind of wife they want. Tell me why else would a 40 something years old man go and marry a 19 year old girl? Love? Spare me!

There is this young lady in my church choir. Very pretty lady. I won’t say we are friends but we are kinda close. She is around 31 years and married. I always assumed she was recently married and maybe had a kid or two but she informed me sometime last week that she had five kids(her first daughter is 12). She had gotten married when she was only 19 years. I was stunned and could only mouth “WOW” as I looked at her in wonder. You couldn’t tell by her physique that she had a child not to talk of 5. Some peeps are really blessed.

Anyway, to get to the main Koko of the gist.
A few days ago, at practice, I noticed she had this blood spot in her right eye. LG, you know that kind of blood spot you got when you got into a fight with Fineboyagbero? You understand now abi? Okay. LOL!!!!
So the first thought that came to my head when I noticed her eye was “Ha! I hope this nice lady does not have a wife batterer for a husband?” That kind of bruise is usually gotten from a hard blow or slap to the face.
At first I didn’t want to ask but I guess my curiosity got the better of me(yes, I can be a gbegborun like that, Call it my journalistic tendencies,lol!).
So after choir practice, I asked her “Sister, what happened to your eye?
“Oh my eye? It’s my little kid o. He mistakenly put his finger in my eye” She replied.
I nodded. I didn’t quite buy the story but I didn’t prod further, wetin be my own? I just hoped she was telling the truth. I would really hate for her to be a wife battery victim.

Sadly, a lot of women are going through hellish marriages but they would rather die in silence than speak out. They prefer to present the picture of the perfect family to outsiders so they endure the physical and mental abuse rather than leave the marriage.
May God help them.

So Thabo Mbeki, South African President has resigned from office. Good for South Africans.
I only wish this resignation fever can catch some of our good-for-nothing leaders here in Naija. I havn’t ever heard of a Nigerian politician who voluntarily resigned out of office. Even when everyone is clamouring for them to leave, they prefer to sit tight and wait till they are forced out. Take the case of Former Madam speaker, Etteh for example. Not until someone died in teh house did she decide to resign. People and power!

In my office, the resignation fever seems to be spreading too. Just last month, two of our staff resigned. I don’t have any problem with anybody leaving o. After all if me sef I see better place, I go go. The only problem I have is the manner in which they left.

The first one to go- Our receptionist came to me one Friday afternoon to ask for her Video CD. She had lent it to me a few days before but I hadn’t gotten round to seeing it. It was one of them Naija comedy Show videos and I had planned to relax myself with it over the weekend.

I told her I was yet to watch it and would do so over the weekend and return it to her on Monday morning. She refused, saying she too wanted to watch it over the weekend. I said “Haba, but you have seen it before now?” She replied “I know but I want to watch it again this weekend. I’ll give it to you on Monday morning”. I gave her back the VCD only to resume work on Monday to learn that she had resigned the previous Friday.
I was shocked. Why couldn’t she plainly tell me she had resigned and wanted her VCD back cos she wasn’t coming back to the Office. Why pretend about it? We didn’t have any issues as in we were friendly up till she left so why the secrecy? After all it’s not like I was going to stop her from leaving.

They second guy to leave was the guy I shared an office with. We were on cordial terms so I don’t understand why he couldn’t tell me he was resigning. I only learnt about it from my boss a few days before he left. I chose not to ask him anything. I mean, since he decided not to tell me about it, e beta to leave am like that.

Anyway, I guess they have their reasons for leaving the way they left abi?
Na only dog sabi wetin dey scratch am for ear.


fantasy queen said...

make u kuku follow them resign o. follow the

i thought of going to ghana with truelove mag crew next weekend, but its overlaping with some other trips i have planned.
your idea aint sad, although the timing's got to be right.
road trip *sigh* might not be bad afterall.

fantasy queen said...

me is first? yayyyy baby!
been along time i stood atop the comment pages

bumight said...

you know what to do about the ghana trip....take lots of pics!

the genius within said...

hope u have fun in Nigeria's extension (ghana) people will stay in a marriage no matter how bad things are cos they prefer it to be single at 35 or something, besides would u expect d woman to leave after 5 kids?..

anyways, pack an umbrella with you on your trip oh, unless you want to change your skin colour in ghana..

take care dear

Sting said...

I'm really interested in going to Ghana, since it seems to have become a hot spot.

Jarrai said...

Babe you deserve this Ghana trip so have lots of fun and take plenty pics....

As per the secret resignations..i haven't a clue why ppl hide things that everyone will find just doesn't make any since.

MissLove said...

I know much talk about Ghana...have fun though..


LG said...

but werrin consign meat n pomo.....
abeg abeg ABEG hang am dia'*hisssss*
even if even if i repeat even if FBA kpokpo my eyes, u nor see how i 'rearrange' him dental forrmula, doctor even place am on 'omi-diet' *grins*
As 4 u prisco, we go jam for 'akwaba'
*wink* *wink*

princesa said...

@FQ, you don get better job for me? Tell me o!
I know may not be able to make it for the trip cos am planning one whole week.
@bumight,lol!Of cos babes.
@genius, lol@Naija's extension. It definitely is becoming dat. Thanks for the umbrella tip. I'll do that.
@sting, eh ya, too bad u cnt make it for this trip.
@Jarrai, thanks babes.
@Miss Love. Ghana is definitely having it good this period.
@LG,lol! Na only mouth you get jare. Make FBA hear this one wey you talk first, we go see whether you no go hide under ojuelegba bridge. You want go Ghana? Holla o!

doll said...

My dear its not only u o! I sure dint feel like getting up this morning, thank God 3rd mainland has been opened

tankojjetty said...

for one who loved to play,
the holiday tire me i swear...
anyhoo, my annual work leave starts in a few days too...
Ghana kept coming up...
definately interested too

omonaija123 said...

I was still talking to someone about how Ghana is the hottest weekend vacation spot for Naija people. I heard the place is nice but you still get that naija should check it out for yourself.

As per domestic violence...i don't think there anything that boils by blood...I still cant understand why someone will humiliate and belittle a fellow human being like that..

30+ said...

I have not even finished reading but as soon as I saw Ghana trip my heart leapt for joy. Lol

Lemme go finish reading.

musco said...

i hope u learnt ur lessons 4rm d ...

if u resign 2,i'm ready to take up ur place o(*winking*)bcs i still dey find job.

ve fun in ghana!

30+ said...

Na wa o, people can be funny when they have already submitted resignation common courtesy suggests they should tell their colleagues now.

Anway my main koko, please go ahead and enjoy yourself in Ghana you deserve it and I am shouting HALLELUYAH!!! X7 :)

30+ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pink gloves said...

maybe they thought u would thwart their plans or something. Then again some naija pple are so secretive it is amazing. you never know what is really goin on sha.

My co-worker that quit, we had a cake for him, and took him out to lunch on his last day. I guess pleaces differ.

Smaragd said...

do Ghana or Gambia. okay , Ghana.

maybe they didnt resign, maybe they were terminated?

FineBoy Agbero said...

*roarin like a very mad lion* LG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shebi Princesa don tell u wetin i go do na? Oya na!

Princesa, dis ur Ghana idea dey sound nice o. At least, even agbero suppose take break... evn with dis one wey LG dey take style chook head...
Hmmmmmm, dat ur pwetty sista (oh mi God!) dey come?

Kafo said...

don't know where to start
if i should start with with South Africa Mbeki or with wife battery

mercy you covered so much

but yeah Wife battery i believe has never been about the sins of the victim but the personal issues of the inflictor

Vera Ezimora said...

Okay, I read so much on ur blog that I'm not quite sure what 2 comment on now. I'd love 2 go 2 Ghana though.

Jaycee said...

Loll @ saying resignation fever shd catch some of our good-for-nothing leaders...

Uzezi said...

everyone is travelling except me. God dey. South Africa got a shock alright. I didnt expect that anyway.

BOBBY said...

Accra is beautiful. Make sure you stay at HOTEL ANGELICA.
Lots to see and do in Ghana.
Visit Dele Momodus HOUSE OF OVATION if you are hungry for some naija food at any point.

Wife battery is sisck and i spit on any man that does it.

Wonderful Blog!

Dammy said...

I think you need the break and a trip to Ghana isn't a bad idea either.

Wife battery? This is really a serious issue! What about husband battery? lol...haven't heard anything like that though.

Hmmm...make sure you bring some goodies from Ghana!

Dammy said...

I think you need the break and a trip to Ghana isn't a bad idea either.

Wife battery? This is really a serious issue! What about husband battery? lol...haven't heard anything like that though.

Hmmm...make sure you bring some goodies from Ghana!

Dammy said...

Resignation ke?

Babe abeg o! Neva resign now o!


miz-cynic said...

princesa,me i spent dis break in ghana o.dem wan dull me 4 ofc saying i shd come on i bone dem o n did d maa wale wa jegba -i go com bak come chop cane styl.

Tairebabs said...

So many gist in this post. ok, one by one

Ghana: My friends went on a road trip to Ghana earlier this year and they told me they had fun. The last time I was in Ghana was more than 12 years ago but i remember I love it then so it could have only gotten better.

Wife battery: Mehnnn, I don't blame you for doing gbegboru joh. I would have been curious too sha and that son putting finger in the eye reply, i didn't buy it one beat sha. I pray it is not true sha.

Resignation: Ah only two people and you are complaining of a fever. My office resignation rate should be on the guinness book of records. 7 people left for masters in August; 2 resigned in August; As far as am aware, they hired one man to take my position and he resigned last week together with one woman who was hired to take up the position of one of the resigning 2 people.

Please can I steal your a total Matchbox20 fan.

Tairebabs said...

sorry o but what's the gist with Thambo Mbeki? why did he have to resign??? Haven't been listening to news for awhile..some fill me in please

Obi said...

Crazy thing..this wife beating..there are far better ways a man can assert his aurhority than getting physical. Personally, I think any man who TOTALLY dominates and bullies his wife robs himself (and their family) from exploiting her full potential.
About your Ghana trip, funny coincidence..I'm typing this as I'm leaving my hotel after a 6-day stay in Accra. Though I didn't get to visit Kumasi, which I hear is quieter (thus probably more picturesque) than Accra, I still reccomend a visit. Local currency's been tricky since the revaluation last year, so watch out for sheisters. Ghana food is blecch..!!! LOL...

princesa said...

@doll, thank God for the re-opening of 3rd mainland.
@tanko, oh u interested? Great! How do we hook up?
@omonaija, thanks for the low-down on Ghana.
@30+,lol! Thanks for being happy for me darl.
@musco,lol! E no easy to take my place dude. No be beans o!
@pinkgloves, thwart their plans as how now? That’s really funny if they thought that.
@smaragd, No they resigned. Ghana for now. How far? I never see ur brakelight yet.
@FBAgbero,No let me catch u near my lil’sis o!!! Oya pity for LG, na mouth she get,lol!
@kafo, yes but the victim lets it continue. They’ve got a choice to leave the abusive relationship.
@vera, you are one person I’d love to go on a trip with girl.
@jaycee, yes o…
@uzezi,lol! You just started the new job now.
@bobby, thanks for the info babes and the compliment too.
@dammy, I deserve it jare. Goodies? We’ll see about that.
@miz-cynic,lol! No mind dem jare. Hope u had fun. Why u no holla? We for go together sef.
@tairebabs,woah! Something must have gone wrong at that company of urs o, so many resignations! How school?
@obi, I need all the low down on Ghana o. Hope u brought back some Ghana stuffs and plenty pics.

Aijay said...

Thank God!! U get a break finally.
Have fun dear, u deserve it... and take loads of pics.

Rita said...

Me I missed you whether blogger allowed my comment to show or not...

Everyone deserves a break talkless of the organizing champion of SBR...

With you on the wife battery issue...

As for resigning, I can't understand why it is such a big secret..maybe becos those I work with, when they want to resign, they throw party for all of us : -)

Welcome back...

The Invisible Man said...

First time here, Nice blog

Olamild said...

chaiiiii only u

thanks 4 stopping by sha

OluwaDee said...

Ghana isnt bad, but dont stay 2 long cos it can b boring.

Also carry enough cash o.

I hate men who beat their wives or girlfriends.
N I advice all victims to cry out, n not be silent.

AlooFar said...

You just dey enjoy urself!

Wetin u bring from Ghana?

Standtall said...

Ghana is a great, neat, little country. Go girl.

Wife Battery: I ill cut of his penis first in self defence before suing for divorce and I wont let about what happened like a lot of women would do... We need to speak up and seek for help

Why would men want to marry very younger women than them? To take her as property and let her do as they say without question. Nonsense.
First slap in my marriage, I will do a lot of damage too and they file for divorce. No negotiation. Standtall husband knows this. He has black belt in Taekwando and he fights agains violence against women. He has trained me a lot of self defence too... Dont worry, will not seriously use it against him unless....

HOPE YOUR OFFICE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR losing thier own staff due to poor treatment and management.

Stani said...

wife battery is an evil that should never be condoned in any sane society. i still can't understand how or why some men can raise even a tiny finger in anger towards their wives - it just sounds so silly.

as per the imbeciles we call leaders, 50,000 camels will have to be able to pass through the eye of a needle before our leaders can have the decency to resign if decorum demands - they just don't understand what governance means. wetin i call them before - imbeciles!

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

enjoy the road trip
and come back with all the gist
lol about people resigning, are you sure you are not the reason behind it ? lol

30+ said...

Just gave you an award, check my blog.

Debbie said...

Though a lot has been written so far, can't resist the temptation.
Ghana is a beautiful place different from Niger.
Enjoy it.

Doja said...

I am still trying to understand women who remain in abusive relationships.

bighead said...

At least no be bank work: 8 - 11

Toochi said...

hey...just checking...and no i've not put up any post...don't know where to begin.
take care

FFF said...

i weak 4 those ur colleagues oh! abi, dem follow d school od tot wey believe if dem talk abt anything happening in their lives, dat thing no go happen again? like say witches & wizards just dey wait 4 every corner 4 dem? abeg, make i see road. na today!

@ bighead: which kain 8-11. na 5am - 11pm!!!!!

"Ruffin' It" is launched. If u haven't been there, follow my link ...


Glad to see that you are back, my sista.

LG said...

lolllll@ fff

Akwaba babe how far?????????????
abi u don relocate?

darkelcee said...

prisca baby,

where art thou? or u are already in Ghana?

Rita said...

Hi are you doing?

Naija Idol said...

Ghana already???????

Buttercup said...

I hope u get to go on the road trip..wuda loved to go too :(

Wife battery..what can i say that hasnt been said already? It's an unforgivable, animalistic act that musnt be condoned!

Being in SA, i truly was shocked bout thabo's for ur colleagues, maybe they hate the whole noise that comes with farewells?

How u doin anywayz?

exschoolnerd said...

sweerat..hw far nau? where r u? update nau?

princesa said...

@everyone, I never relocate o! Still here in Naija but been too busy to even go online.

Mommy said...

'Singing' is OVER, holidy is OVER, waiting for a blog update, how did Ghana gooo! Goodbye Akwaba, welcome Lagos, Prisca is back to town from her jolly hooooliday...from her jolly hoooolidayyyy.

princesa said...

@mommy.LOL!! I havnt even commenced my leave babes. Too much work in the office but I ope to start tomoro.