Wednesday, May 28, 2008


It’s been 5 days now since I saw you last.
Since I saw you wag your brown tail
Since you looked at me with those dopey eyes
Since I heard your familiar bark
Since I last fed you and heard you say “woof” in thanks

I miss you Bullus, I miss you plenty
I miss the way you run to greet me every evening I come home
I miss the way you would run round my car till I opened the door
I miss the way you would try to jump on me and I’d scream
“Don’t! You are smelling!”

You were old, more than eight years old
I remember that day you were born
A brown and black lively puppy you were
Oh! How you loved to run and play
Tugging and tearing at everything in your way

A fierce dog in your youth, you were
No stranger dared cross your path
More than one has a story to tell
Of the big brown dog that lived at No. 13
Even I who loved you and who you loved
Bear the scar of your fierceness on me

Greedy, greedy dog you were
One language you understood perfectly was food
One bone in your mouth, another between your paws
Sharing with Sherri was out of the question
Only when it was heat time did you remember she was female

A stronger dog than you we never had
You fathered so many puppies
I‘d wonder “What a randy dog!”
Climbing his mama and sister
And making them mothers at the same time

Older you grew and gentler you became
You lost your bite but still had the bark
You still struck terror in the minds of those who saw you
Your imposing size belied your failing strength
The slowness of your sprint showed that you had changed

It only got worse
With age came more illnesses,
Diarrhea and skin infections
The Vet was happy, he was making a lot of money
You had to go, you had become a liability
Dad said this over and over
I just didn’t know it would be very soon

Friday night, I came back
No Bullus to welcome me home
No Bullus to wag his tail
No Bullus to piss on my car tyres
You were gone, sold out for N1500
I could have offered more for you buddy
But no one would accept it from me

They say the man who bought you loves dog meat stew
They say he had you for dinner Friday night
I hear, you were tender and delicious
It’s not fair, not fair at all
My darling Bullus became food for a ravenous Calabar man

Can you ever forgive us?
Forgive dad for selling you for a paltry sum to Mr. Calabar?
Forgive me for not being able to stop him?
Forgive Mr. Calabar for craving Dog meat instead of Beef or chicken?

I know not where you are now
But I hope it’s a better place
A dog heaven where you can eat all the bones you want
and shag all the females you like.

Rest in peace, Bulldog (aka Bullus)
ps: Thats Bull's pic above. Cute dog, wasn't he?


bumight said...

i absolutely love dogs, the bigger, the better
RIP bulldog...

bumight said...

i absolutely love dogs, the bigger, the better
RIP bulldog...

princesa said...

Oh bumight, you no let me post finish ke!!!

darkelcee said...


They sold the dog to a calabar peep? awwwwwwwwhhhhhhhh

I love dogs. why would you allow them sell Bullus?

Bullus is prolly resting in peace( can that be?) inside one calabar stew now! mcccchewwwww

Manda said...

RIP bullie dear, at least i can comfortably come visit ur madam!

Wat did ur dad use the 1,500 Naira for P?

Cant believe i'm no 4!
inus princesa though. woooo hoooo!

OluwaDee said...

lol @ Mr Calabar loving dog meat stew.

RIP Bullus.

Ms.cocoa brown said...

"MR CALABAR FOR CRAVING DOG MEAT" that cracked me up!!! greetings from a day old blogsvillian.xoxo

Charizard said...

eeeyaa..pele princesa dnt cry again...

*removes cap* here once a great dog lived...hmmn *sighs*

it is well princessa, he has gone to a beta place to be with God and fly like an angel...

Jarrai said...

RIP Bullus...hope he's in dog heaven

Lol at the dog meat loving calabar man...lord!!!! ( laughing)

Jayjazzy said...

sorry darling, i know what if feels to lose a dog, i dont know though how if feels to be sold 4 1500, dats terrible. so i ll say R.I.P.

Simi Speaks said...

awwwww. cute dog. i used to have a siberian husky up until a few years ago. i feared that dog! lol.

sorry love!


ah, I'm sorry about Bullus. My sista, take it easy.

If I may just wish you a Happy Nigerian Proclamation Day to you! Not sure what that is? Visit NIGERIAN CURIOSITY to find out.

Dammy said...

I can feel the electrifying emotions that runs through this beautiful poetic piece. Pets can be very faithful even unto death and it hurts the way we treat them when they have served their term and are no longer needed, we apparently throw them away, forgetting that we once had a friend in them.

You have honoured him well!

Nice blog.

Tears said...

OMG!! damn them...with all the MEAT around!! YURK!!
RIP Bullus

naijalines said...

The 2nd to the last verse about the dog eating calabar man is fiction, right? Used to hear similar stories back in Lagos but thought it was a joke.

s.chic said...

eyaa...RIP Bullus...

shalewa said...

How sad.i feel your pain.lost a dog last year.still think of him sometimes.He was 15 years old.My sister's agemate.
RIP Bullus.You did your job and your reward is in heaven.

Free-flowing Florida said...

i've a love/hate relationship with dogs. we had one once or twice & i loved him to piece. den he died & i cried my eyes out. my mom refused 2 buy another dog after dat. i still love dogs (nbut not other peopl's dogs o), but i might not get one n time.

pele abt bullus. take care, dear. he is indeed resting n peace n dog heaven, but i doubt they permit shagging there o. it'd b fornication!

doll said...

wow....this long post....all in honor of a dog

Naija Chickito said...

How sweet. RIP Bullus! I can see you really loved that dog.

How disgusting for someone to eat doggy meat!!! Ewwwwwwwwwww

AJIKE said... bulldog

lol, lol, lol lol

i know its not funny

but i can't help but laugh

especially when my latest post is rip to a friend
and i come on ures, and its to a dog!


how are u sweets?

princesa said...

@darkel, yes they did. I wasn’t home when they took him away. I swear they wont have had it easy if I was. I hope he is resting in peace not in some calabar man’s toilet o!

@manda, congrats madam no 4,lol! How have you been sweetie? I don’t know what my dad did with the N1500 o! I was too cross to even ask.

@oluwadee, you didn’t know Calabar peeps love dog meat?

@ms. Cocoa, greetings to u too. Will check u out soon.

@chari bobo, thanks for the consolation. I hope he really has.

@jarrai, its true babes, its true.

@jayjazzy, it’s really terrible. N1500…so cheap…if it was even 10K I would have been consoled.

@simi, thanks dear.

@soloD, Happy Nigerian Proclamation day to u too. Will check to find out.

@dammy, thanks. I wish I could do more for him.

@tears, lol! With all the meat around…I guess dog meat is a lot cheaper abi for where you go see live goat for N1500??

@naijalines, nothing is fiction in that post o! Its all real, I hear Ondo people eat dog meat too.

@s.chic, thanks babe.

Ms. emmotions said...

poor bull,
he sure will forgive u my dear,
he will

btw, have u considered gettin a replacement? since u so miss bull?

princesa said...

@shalewa, thanks babe.

@florida, is there still sin after death again??

@doll, na so i see am my sista o

@naija chickito, i hear the meat is very tasty. I wouldnt eat it for anything sha.

@ajike, its okay to laugh darl. I guess its all about how we feel right?

princesa said...

@ms.emmotions, a replacement? We still got one dog-Sherri. She is more than a handful that one!

wellsbaba said...

so u have a dog?a very very randy dog! in peace thou!
ehn ehn princesa somtin jst hit me n i might need a bit of ur help,cud u mail me so I can holla at u!

Obi said...

OK ok...I know this is supposed to be some kind of "sad moment"....but the "calabar man craving dog-meat" thing was HILARIOUS..!!! (na wa for calabar peeps)

PS: Still got the friggin' umbrella that dog damaged..!!

diary of a G said...

ok RIP Bullus, but I was thinking, some people have never had such a great tribute honoring them in their passin away. Now that's deep

Mommy said...

I don't know know whether I should laugh or cry. The calabar man's part, i laughed and laughed; but I felt sorry...the way you miss Bullus. aiyahhhh...kpele sweery!

Dammy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I really appreciate your comment. I have answered your question.

Nice weekend!

AlooFar said...


This lovely piece for a dog.
U sure love the dog.

LMAO @ Calabar ;)

LG said...

see all of dem!!!
so na bcos of dog, u na wan cry, oya make u na cry na!!! shio
anyhoos, prisco sorry sha, accept my dog-onlence,lol!!! pere o

princesa said...

@wellsbaba, u need my help? No probs...will hit you up!

@obi, its not only calabar peeps o, even Ondo and Benin people too like dog meat. Sorry about ur umbrella;)

@DOG, you are right dude! How have u been?

@mommy, glad i brought some laughter to u,lol!

@dammy,you are welcome.

@aloofar, i loved him, didnt just realise how much till he died.

@LG, lol! we don cry finish o.

Aijay said...

lol... ok I know I shouldn't be laughing but that Calabar man bit just cracked me up.

Sorry about ur doggie. Ndo...

princesa said...

@aijay, why is the calabar man bit cracking everyone up?? Thanks nwannem.

desperate lady said...

lol ders no way i'll read dis now but prisca r u serious? r.i.p to bull dog aka bullus? nah ah i have to read this when i get back from work............

badderchic said...

Take heart dearie, just hope you can find a very cute bulldog (LOL) or bullmastiff to take his place, its all right. *sob sob*

1,500 your popc harsh o!

fluffycutething said...

My family keeps threatening to sell my dog too you know LOL

Don't know how i'd cope if that ever happens oh...

Ndo princessa

we lost quite a no of our dogs to calabar people too. Only one was actually sold, the others were all kidnapped sorry dognapped LOL

30+ said...

Is it okay that I think you are one unserious babe.

I wan cry but laff is laffing me, "they said the man had you for dinner" - lmao

Sorry about Bulldog but ROTFLMAO

Olamild said...

ahwwwwwwwwwww that's so sad

Mommy said...

Hey sweery!! You still mourning bulldog? Oya e do! Abeg update ASAP! How you doing?

Sasuke said...

EYAAAA!!!! may his gentle barky soul rest in peace. its funny how in civilized countries they put dogs down by giving them injections but for Nija na to chop them be the best remedy. my sista take heart oh!

Thanks for your support princesa.i appreciate you plentifully

princesa said...

@DL, hmmm...where have you been runaway babe? I am serious o, dedicating a post to my late Bullus,lol!

@badder, the man harsh no be small,lol!

@fluffy,lol@dognapped. how did they do thst? Scale ur fence?

@30+, its okay dear. i dont even take myself seriously at times,lol!
But its true, what they said about the dinner thing.

@olamild, yea so sad.

@mommy, am fine love. Will update soon, work too mush abeg!

@sasuke, you know you are my person so no sweat dude. I no kwno wetin be our problem for this country and no be say meat too cost sef,lol!

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

ewww, i dont like dogs..

but because you love this dog, i feel bad..i hope you find one to replace it

Afrobabe said...

lmao...errrm I mean, sorry for ur loss....naaa lmao...Bullus is now dog stew...

Eb the Celeb said...

aawwwe so sad when you lose a pet...

RIP bulldog

Calabar Gal said...

Princessa, so sorry about Bulldog. But really, 404 is da bomb. I have u try it unwittingly one day and then you'll be able to give me an unbiased opinion. LOL!!

ejura said...

Aya! Sorry fa. Was such a cute dog. I guess you have nothing to worry about as all dogs go to heaven.
Long time babes. How have you been now?
Work nko?


anonymous gal said...


anonymous gal said...

enya. ur dogs gone