Thursday, January 3, 2008


Am back to Lagos and Blogville!!!
It’s a brand new year everyone and am happy to be a part of it (am sure you are too)!

I spent a week in my home town and it was one fun week. And I didn’t spend the whole time playing cinderella in the kitchen. Thanks to our new help-Happiness! That girl is just a blessing. Her presence really helped a lot. I didn’t have to work my butt off doing the house chores although I helped out where I needed to.

The trip to my village was quite uneventful. I traveled by road with a couple of friends who were also headed home (saved me the money I woulda spent on transportation). I was able to steal just a few snatches of sleep during the eight hour drive. This was unlike me cos usually I would dozed off just as soon as the engine started( I hate long road trips and the only way I keep the nausea at bay and avoid throwing up all over the place is by heading off to snoozeland). I guess I was to strung up and scared at my friend’s James Bond driving style to be able to sleep properly,lol!
Anyway we arrive in one piece and was I delighted to see my relatives again? Especially my dear old grandma. In fact I met grandma along the path to my home trekking on foot! That woman’s strength never ceases to amaze me! She even insisted on helping with my luggage, can you imagine?!

Villa was cool. Everyone was okay. Although I was given the sad news that one of my maternal uncles was shot by armed robbers on 24th of December. He had gone with his brother-in-law to purchase a new car and they were trailed by armed robbers on their way back. The devils shot him at a close range and he gave up the ghost before help could come. His brother in-law was lucky to escape unhurt. Very sad indeed! The poor man didn’t even have any kids yet!

There were lots of peeps to visit and festivities to attend. My eldest brother did the introduction thingy with his fiancee. She is also from my village. This pleased my parents greatly, they had always wanted us to marry from my hometown. Lucky him, he found some one he loved from my town. And trust my family members na, that was the perfect opportunity for everyone to remind me how dry their throats had gotten,lol! God abeg provide the man with the palmwine make ur daughter rest o!

That’s me and my eldest brother.

Me and my mum.

Unlike my trip to the village, the journey back to Lagos was quite another story. I boarded a luxury bus from my village market square. The driver of the bus and his conductor, greedy fellows were hell bent on carrying everyone they saw on the way to lagos. Even after the bus was filled, they kept on loading passengers onto the aisle. I couldn’t help wondering how those passengers could stand all through the 8 or more hours to Lagos. I guess paying half price is enough motivation for some peeps especially if the pocket is singing a certain song abi?

Bad tires and Overload equals to what my peeps? Burst Tires!!! And not even once o, Twice!!! God was indeed faithful my friends. He saved us from what would have been a terrible situation. The first time was not as bad as the second. In fact when the tire exploded, I thought we had been shot at my men of the underworld. It sounded like a bomb and we were on top speed! Thank God the driver had enough presence of mind not to step on his brakes. From what I have heard, had he done that, perhaps the story wouldn’t have been the same now.
Anyway after driving a few more meters with the mangled tyre, the driver stopped and we all got down. They didn’t have another spare tyre since they used the only one they had when we had the first flat. Luckily for us, another bus from the same transport company soon came along and gave us their spare tyre. I wondered what they would do if they were unfortunate to lose a tyre on their way.

The mangled tyre.

Finally we go to Lagos at about 7pm(a whole 10 hours after we left the village at 9am).
I couldn’t wait to have a proper meal and sleep. A new year had started!


I was promoted at my office. I know am supposed to be happy right? But funny enough am handing in my resignation letter today. No, I haven’t found a new job and I didn’t win the visa lottery to America either.
The thing is I feel I deserve to earn a lot better than am earning currently especially as things are looking up for the company. Even with the pay raise (cos of the promotion) I am still not satisfied so am playing my ace. The resignation letter is all a bluff but my boss doesn’t know this. Its supposed to scare the management into some positive action (increase my salary,lol! I just pray the plan doesn’t backfire o!).

Anyway am quite confident, it will all end up for good cos I don’t think they(company’s management) will want to let me go that easily. You see, am proud to say that over the past 3 years I have proven my worth and I believe a few more thousands (naira no be dollars o! lol) is not too much for them to sacrifice. You can’t blame a sister for wanting some xtra change, will you? lol!

So fingers crossed, let’s see how it all plays out.

Shot out to andy who got married over the holidays. So you finally did it enh? Am sure the waiting was worth it. So if the world was to end, we won’t have to wish for that again would we? *wink*,lol!
Shout out to runaway manda who finally updated her blog. Babe I hope you blasted that exam o!
Shout out to my man G! I love you bro. Need to chat one of these days.
Shout out to my darling cally(you know why girl). I loved it, I did!
Shout out to my girl, jaybabe. That post of urs was so thoughtful.
Shout out to afrobabe, blogstalker of the year award goes to you love.
A final shout out to every member of my blog fam. You guys are da bomb

Date- Saturday Jan 5th
Time- 4pm
Venue- 10/14 Saka Tinubu Street(Beside Intercontinental bank) Victoria Island, Lagos.


CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

Oo your holiday was super eventful.
Your mom looks quite young....

I am so sorry about your Uncle. God knows why and all will be well.

Luxury bus drivers...since there are no long distance alternatives to many places, unless you are prepared to drive yourself, you have very little choice. Where you can go by air, u never know which part of the plane will fall off mid air

Promotion: Please put God first so that you only get what you need. Congratulations and good luck

Have a great year

Afrobabe said...

Not fairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....i asked you to holla me when you put up the post...kai catwalq just chanced me...lovely pics, will go and have a sew that outfit...soonnnnn...

Afrobabe said...

Awwww shout out to me :)

Babes, that your brother fine oh...why didnt you block that girl and give him to those deserving...yes US!!!...cute! and did I say I was going to make that outfit? I am going to make that outfit...

Sorry about ur uncle,may his soul rest in peace..

Your mum looks lovely, now we know where u get ur looks from...

make that job effizzy no back fire oh...

love ya..

happy new year...

The Last King Of Scotland said...

that naija sef. make his soul rest in peace.pele, ur holiday was mixed indeed. happy new yr

The Last King Of Scotland said...
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s.chic said...

Happy New Year... God dey your side, don't worry bout the job... sebi it's a new year.

Allied said...

i see afrobabe is still stalking blogs.. Princesa you be fine babe oh.

So when are we going to wet our throat? i will even come to Niaja to drink my share of the palm wine.

Sorry about ur Uncle

Happy New Year.!!

Jaybabe said...

Errr..Princess..your he..? old is he? he looks edible you know?..i love the outfit.
And hey..sorry about your uncle hey? shall come to pass. God has His own reasons. So don't question those.

Happy welcome back girl..

pamelastitch said...

sorry about your uncle....

happy new year.

Mommy said...

Hmmmm...nwannem...dis your new year gamble kinda tough innit? My liver failed small at that gamble; but you know what, life is full of risks and gambles...and you go girl.
Foine bros you have. This afrobabe is a naughty girl. Wow...and your mum...comment reserved! I see where all the fine fine faces came from.
Sorry about your uncle. May his soul rest in peace.
So how are you preparing for the blog parry. I am so jealous...I've said that before abi? 'nyways...take care ok and enjoy!
Psst...when are you going to water 'our' throats? and that your know me now. I like fine things.

Arewa said...

HAPPY new Year to u too sweetie....

Queen of My Castle said...

You are such a beauty! I pray things work out in your favor in regards to your job and pay. Who knows, maybe we will see you here in The States!!! Okay, I'm being selfish, maybe you will see me in Nigeria as I would love to travel there, but my Mr. is from Port Harcourt, don't know how far that is from Lagos.

princesa said...

@catwalq, mum is in her midfifties. I'll tell her some peeps thinks she looks young cos she's always complaining that she's aging fast.

Air travel, road travel. Anyone, na God dey save person for naija o!

Thanks for ur advise dear.

@afro, i tried to holla babes but blogger no let me o and i couldnt stay all night in the office tryin. You still try na, 2nd is not bad,and u still have the blogstalker award, lol!.

About my bros, lol! He needs to read this, maybe he go dump that babe(lie, lie).

You like the outfit? thanks. Maybe i should upload the full length pic for u then.

@TLKS, thanks dude.

@s.chic, thanks girl. Its a new year full of new opportunities o!

@allied,lol, thanks. No worry, will hola at you when its time dear.

@jaybabe,lol girl! I see u spent all the time drooling over my bros you missed the part where i said he just did the marriage introduction thing with his fiancee.
Thanks dearie.

princesa said...

@pammy, thanks dearie.

@mommy, lol! You learning igbo or wetin?? Party is tomoro and we gonna rock it! Dont u worry, will have fun enough for both of us,lol!

About watering ur throat,you mind ice water??lol!

@arewa, thanks. Bloggers party is still on and promises to be fun. Pity u wont be there or will u? Am Putting up the info for those that might want to attend.

@castlequeen,awwwh dearie, will love to see u in Nigeria or even better maybe i'll win a visa lottery soon,lol!
Stay well.

Afrobabe said...

upload the full loves it...

As for ur bros, tell him i have a lovely gap tooth,imagine our children...:)

wettin i go answer this allied short, it is a new year!!!

Atutupoyoyo said...

Happy New year P. Welcome back from what sounds like a journey from hell. I dey fear luxury bus drivers the way I dey fear snake.

Your mum looks to be in great shape following her op. We thank God.

On your promotion. Congrats first of all but is a resignation letter really the best way to negotiate? Abi you don try that one and nothing drop? I do admire teh fact that you are starting the year with a fearless attitude. That is my main objective for the year.

fantasy queen said...

happy new year...
you sure had fun, abeg you deserved it jo...
as for your job, sometimes bluffing really works, if not i'm sure it'd work out for the best...i'm praying yours work tho.

ur pics are pretty...did you do all the tieing urself?...gosh, thats something that's topping my wish list, knowing how to tie gele.

i really hope to make it to the party, keeping my fingers crossed.

have a nice year and thankGod for journey mercies...

Ejura said...

Welcome back gurl! Can see you had lots of fun inspite of the tyres and all;
I wish you the best with the job thing. I hope it works out. I've been thinking of doing same at work here. I feel like I've been milked dry for so little in return. Not fair. Gota move on and I'm gonna drop the bomb soon. I hope it explodes on them and not on me.
Happy new year and have fun at the parry!

desperate lady said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaay she's back. Girl ur lucky u got a maid. my mom will never get a maid, esp wen we're 5 girls at home.
hehehehe that ur bros eh, unfortunately 4 me he's taken. wut about the other one with long hair?
Hey can u send me some traditional outfit? I want 1 plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Olamild said...

Beauty definately runs in the family
Have fun at the party

It's a pleasure to know all's well with you and yours.

Che-e-ly said...

God bless your uncle's Soul. But for your job, babe, quit if they don't wanna pay you better. Dem dey crase? Abi u no dey do ur work well.

'Am on the verge of quitting mine as well. These crazy employers no know say people don dey old so, they gast raise our pay, BASTARDS!

But u know say u dey fuck up sha; U don suppose dey run ur own shizzle by now. God no go let make u end up as employee, AMEN

Afrobabe said...

ok, need an update on the blog did it go?
anyone get drunk? anyone shag anyone? comm-on, spill the gist!!!

guerreiranigeriana said...

lol@afrobabe's last comment...*shakes head*...

...happy new year hottie!! look fab and gorgeous in your pics...why aren't you married yet?...the boys no be serious, abi?...because clearly, you're on point...

..sorry about your uncle...may his soul rest in perfect peace...these armed robbers, no be small thing...the government really needs to do lose people so senselessly...

...glad you made it to lagos in one piece too..hope the job thing works out in your favor...cheers to you and the new year...

diary of a G said...

see P, who told you God would have provided some form of miracle so you wouldn't have to worry about doing much chores during this holidays?

God bless your Uncle's soul, and curse those Devils

Congrats to ur brother,
not to bug you
but my throat is getting dry too O

I like the surroundings in ur pictures, have anyone ever told yawl, y'all look like angels?

the trip back to Lagos reminds me of what a friend n I were talking about recently....about having the freedom to sit in a speeding open Van back...but not here in Canada tho, when a bus a few people standing, its considered full...nonsense

gotta run but thanks for the shout out and welcome to 08

we getting baby lol
don't mind me, the holiday spirit haven't wore off yet

Naapali said...

Nice to see your mom looking so well. And you of course still upgrading blogville with your killer looks. I am amazed you have to threaten resignation to get better pay. I would have thought one flutter of your eyelashes and your boss would give you his job and pay. Ah well!

As for those dry throats, better travel with bottled water next time to quench their thirst.

My condolences on the loss of your uncle.


Thank God your travels were safe. Thank God you got a promotion (did you accept it?) Sorry about your uncle, may his soul rest in peace.
Happy new year, sis.

La Reine said...

Haven't been here in a while.
Sorry about your Uncle.

Happy New Year and best of luck with your promotion plan:)

Ugo Daniels said...

Sorry about ya loss, congrats on ya job promotion...and a belated happy new year to you...Cheers!!!

UnNaked Soul said...


twas nice meeting you babes...
good luck with your promotion plans. and may you find fulfillment every second of the year *wink*

Florida of Free Spirit said...

my condolence abt ur uncle. Good to hear ur grandma is hale & hearty. No mind those pple wey dem throat dey dry. If e too bother them, make them arrange george bush son 4 u, see wahala o. abt d trip, na so e dey be. i was forced 2 use my hard earned money 2 take plane back 2 abuja dis one i was coming back 4rm christmas .. no cos it was convenient, but after spending 20 hours on d road once, i no fit otry am again o

Florida of Free Spirit said...

oh, & congrats on d promotion. u may consider talking 2 ur supervisor one on one first b4 mentioning resignation (daz usually d last resort, & only 2 b used if there's indeed a better offer). Sorry, can't make it 2 d party; am back 2 abuja

pamelastitch said...

oya - from all reports, you guys had a blast and .......
hehehe you were the finest babe....
oya,post kia..

princesa said...

@atutu, thanks dude.
I think they need some sort of shock treatment here in my office which is why am going for the kill,lol! Anyway boss is still pretending he neva see my letter. Lets see how it goes.

@fantasy queen…fine gal!
Now I know what u look like,na na na na na!,lol!
Yea I tie gele really well, can teach you if u want.

@Ejura, babes you gat to drop the bomb on them o! Which kain milking dry be dat na??lol!
Is there a better job in sight?? Wish you all the best.

@desperate lady, 5 girls!!! What do u need a maid for again na. Your mum got all the maids she needs,lol!
My bros with the long hair….hmmmm….he is still unattached sha but I no no o!

Trad outfit?? How I want take send dat one now?? Fedex??? Oya lets do this, come back to Naija this month and I get you one,deal?

@olamild, thanks dear. Ope u enjoyed ur hols.

@che-e-ly, I dey do my job well o! Even sef overwell dey worry me sometimes,lol!
On running my own shizzle, that one na matter of time ne, who no like that BIG chair??

@afro,lol! Easy babe easy!!!
No one shagged anyone and I left too early to see if anyone got drunk although with the price of their drinks there I doubt if anyone did,lol!
Work is crazy here o but I go see if I fit do small update for una.

@guerreiranigeriana, thanks for the compliment dear.
Cheers to you too.

@DOG, you told me dude.
Those devils are cursed already.
Hmmm so you’d love a ride in an overcrowded bus, not a wonderful experience I tell you.
You having a baby??? Tell me more!

@naapali,LMAO!!! You and ur compliments! Thanks anyway.
I wish it was as easy as just fluttering my eyelashes and getting the raise,lol!

@SoloD, I don’t even know if I have accepted the promotion or not,lol! Happy new year to you too love.

@la reine, how is the service going babe? Thanks for the wishes.

@UgoD, thanks dude. A wonderful new year to u too.

@unnaked, twas great meeting you too bad boy,lol!

@florida,lol! Thanks babes. George bush son indeed,lol!
That road trip by bus...hmmm...lets just say e go tey small before i go try am again.
Hope ur trip was fun.

princesa said...

@pammy, who gave you hat report?? Abeg o! See my arm pit o gal!
Update coming soooonesttttttt!!

Calabar Gal said...

Happy New Year Princess!!

U sure do look lovely in all the pictures. Infact, I'm on a crash diet - slimming now so I can inherit that ya lace. (smile)

Hope ur boss doesent read ur blog and ur resignation trick backfires. But I really do wish you all the best. Cheers.

Ms. emmotions said...

now am addicted to this page !!
am a lil bit sad cos ur bros is taken, he's so coooooooooooooolllll, in fact so dude not a typo

Andy said...

Hi Princesa, just saw the shoutout you put up ages ago! Meeeen, you are such a sweetheart; I have to gist with you one of these days. But you are mischievous too sha, to think you remembered what I wrote in a post a long time