Thursday, May 31, 2007

Situation Unresolved.

Hey guys, am back! My internet has been misbehaving for sometime now and i haven’t been able to update my blog. I know you are all itching to know how the date with my B.F(maybe soon to be ex) went.

Here goes, we met up on my way home at an eatery and he practically begged me to forgive and forget what happened. Of cos i did the IGG(Initial gra gra) but after a while told him to stop the pleading cos his sins had been We made up and dat was it. End of story.

Now start another story. I think it’s true what they say about people that cheat on others- they always think the next person is cheating on them too. I have such fidelity issues with my B.f. I have had reasons to believe he was cheating on me, but he always had an explanation for everything. About 3 weeks back, he had come to visit me at home and we were just relaxing in each other's company. I was trying to send an MMS(Multimedia message) from his phone to mine(his picture actually), and you know what happens when u send an MMS, it always goes to the outbox. I kept trying and the message just refused to go. I had to go to his outbox to try and resend the message when i saw this message to some Oge. I was curious and i opened the message (i know i am not supposed to but am glad I did) only to read a message where he was saying i miss u, i love u and all the sweet nothins. He had also attached his picture. I was just stunned cos this was a guy that always pretended to be the Pope when it came to such things. I glanced over at him as he stroked my hair and just thought in my heart how people can really be fake.Initially, i didn’t want to bring it up cos i didn’t want to look like i had been snooping round his phone so i simply kept mum. As i saw him off later to the car, i just couldn’t hold it in anymore, I didn’t even know when i blurted out: “Who is Oge??" He turned to me and replied: Oge? I dont know who you are talking about." I returned: How can you not know who she is when her number is in your phone and you even sent her an MMS? Now i took his phone from him and opened the message. He looked shocked. I was sure he didn’t even know the message was there. Guess what he said next: "Ok Oge! He is my friend". I just looked at him and shook my head. He probably thought he was talking to 3 year old. The only way i was going to believe that was if he told me he was gay. After arguing for a while and he kept insisting Oge was a guy. I decided to drop it but that was not until after i had warned him that if i ever found out he lied to me, i would end the relationship right away and he agreed. However, i still sent the number to my own phone by text message (he didnt know when i did this).The next day he had come to see me and when he noticed i was a bit cold due to what happened the previous day, he dialed the number and said i should speak to the friend Oge. I looked at the name he was dialing, it was the same name he had sent the text to so i took the phone and listened, it was a man's voice alrite. I ended the call and instinctively i checked the number, it was an MTN number 0803 but the number he sent that text to was a 0806(i had noted it). I looked at him and told him not to take me for a fool. Still he insisted it was the same number he had sent the text to but me i knew better, he had changed the name. I still repeated my threat about ending the relationship if i found out he was lying and he agreed.

2 days back, i stumbled on the text message in my phone and saw the number. I had already forgotten about it. So hiding my caller ID, i dialed the number and a female voice said hello. I dropped the call and tried to make excuses for him psyching myself up that maybe it was his friend's babe or sister or something. Later on, in the middle of the night i woke up to redial the number, the same voice answered and once again i ended the call. Now it couldn’t possibly be his friend’s babe or sister picking up his call in the middle of the night, could it?I haven’t spoken to him since then and am still thinking of what step to take. One thing i definitely know is that i don’t want a two-timer who lies through the teeth for a husband. I hope you guys can let me know what you think.

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Ugo Daniels said...

Aaargh, just lyke dat...i no gree at all. You for tell am dat its a taboo in ya culture for a man to hit a woman, In fact it becomes a taboo, once the mans 'thinks' of doing such, eh?!

Damn, i hate to tell you this but the dude is cheating on you and he doesnt even know how to go about it. Well, it may not be outright cheating, just occasional flings or flirts with nuffing attached.

I don't really know how to advise yo on this one babes. All i can say is be careful, confront him with the nkaed truth. Tell him what you already know, including da numbers and all. See what he has to say, then take your decision.

I wonder why the dude's still looking 'external' when he's gat someonelyk you. Talk about people wey get yansh dont know how to sit down!

Idemili said...

Why are you making up with this person in light of the evidence? Don't make me call in the law on this. Do you want to see Kpakpando get ugly in here?

diary of a G said...

am starting to give up hope in men
am am a man too
I look at you and think what else
would I man need
you are all the obvious
yet still he lurks

Sparkle said...

he's cheating on u big time
abeg confront am...can u imagine
he can't even lie...isn't it kinda weird if a guy sends sms to another guy telling him u miss him, u love him
dat's straight up gay
and dis guy is not gay
so he's just cheating

well u are very smart to have saved d girl's number and everything
u know...just call d girl and talk to her...fake d conversation
like...act like his sister...u know what questions to come up with...hear what she has to say
but there is no doubt he's cheating
and if so
dump his sorry ass
case dismissed!

ExcitedJade said...


ExcitedJade said...


The Pseudo-Independent said...

@ugo: am looking for that Aboki wey dey sell for your home gate who would say, Lai Lai, u can't fit go any where?
Thanks for stopping by.
Am actually on my way out now. Ill miss your blog however ill try to keep following. Just keep posting. This blog is another candle in my heart that is flickering with a brilliant glow. Please dont let anyone blow it out
good bye

princess said...

Thanks everyone for ur two cents, u dont know how much they mean to me.

@Ugodaniels,yes i think i will confront him and hear his defence but i dont think it would change anything tho.

@Idemili,abeg dont call the law yet. We havnt made up at least not with this latest development.
Sorry i havnt been to ur blog just yet, but will do that now.

@diary of a g, we dont just value what we have till we lose it, do we?

@Sparkle, girl am with you. Will just take ur advice and call the babe up acting like i was his sister, maybe i will find more evidence.

@excitedjade, thanks for the advice.

@pseudo, wetin u dey find Ugo gate man for?? U never tell me where u dey go o!
U tell me not to let anyone blow out my candle but u are doing the same here. Internet no dey where u dey go?
Abeg, am not finding this funny o!
Ok abeg, stay now.

Anonymous said...

babes babes..u gotta get that man out of ur life..he is a cheating lying B*****D....seriuosly...seriosly...

exschoolnerd said...

i think he's cheating...and guilty conscience was worrying him thats why he took the time after u had settled it all to make u call the "oge"..if he really was telling the truth he shud have just left it at the day before when u guys settled it..i have noticed it in people who r lying..they always have the need to follow up..he's lying big time..but its up to u to do what u think u need to do...if u ask me..say bye bye...but u the right thing sweets.. knw it wont be easy.

Ubong Da said...

well no comment jare. do what your heart tells u.

Everyone Loves a Naija Girl said...

Guess I must go back and read the previous post first lol.

princess said...

@exschoolnerd, u have a point babe. Its hard but i guess i have to let go for some thing better to come my way.
Thanks for checking my blog out.

@Ubong Da, thanks for dropping by.

@Everyone loves a Naija Girl, u do dat ok and let me hear ur comment.

Everyone Loves a Naija Girl said...

Oh wow, that's a tough situation. I honestly think you should go up to him and tell him that you know that he changed the number when he dialed "Oge" (although maybe it's a bit late for that). But demand an explanation of the truth. Don't tell him what you know about the number change. But if he continues to insist that Oge is a man, you need to dump him. Because if he's hiding that from you, he could be hiding a lot more (because he knows the implications of the true identity of Oge).

Talk and dump, that's what I say. And look extra cute so he knows what he's going to be missing! Haha :-)

But I wish you luck, and hope things go well for you. You know him best, so just do what you think is right for you.

iROCKORiGiNALiTY said...

Follow your heart and not your mind.

BOBBY said...

JESUS! Princess...Princess...Princess! Now how many times did i call you?


First off your name is should not be treated any less...

Get away from that man...what rubbish.

Its one thing if he confesses and wants a clean slate...but the nigga is straight up lying...WTF?

There are many men out there. I seen your picture are beautiful! dont let any man do you like this nowwwwww???

What the hell...

princess said...

@irockoriginality, am following my mind o!

@Bobby,thanks for the advise dear, i have since dumped him. Even when the truth was glaring, he still refused to admit it. Glad u dropped by.